• Antoine Tran
    Antoine Tran, 2016/02/10 17:50

    Hi Caleb, I found an issue with the extension, I filed a Jira request http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-13093 . I don't know where is the right place to indicate the issue for an extension: here  or Jira? Thank you.

  • Antoine Tran
    Antoine Tran, 2016/02/11 09:52

    Ok, I was told this is the place to make such request. Here is my feedback:

    Both scripts does not seem to work in XWiki 7.4.1.
    Steps to reproduce:
        Create a page "BrokenLinks" containing the script (see attachment in the extension)
        Create a empty page Link1
        Create a page TestBrokenLink, containing a link to Link1
        Delete Link1
        Open "BrokenLinks"
    Actual result:
    The link Link1 does not appear
    Expected result:
    The link Link1 should appear as a broken link.

    Besides, when I click in Link1, the first time it says the link is not found, but after a refresh, XWiki opens a popup to create the missing page.
    Thank you.

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