cogGet the properties of an object attached to a page as JSON
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Suppose we have an object of class XWiki.StyleSheetExtension and we want to get all of the properties in JSON.
Here is how we do it.


## Get the normal object
#set ($obj = $doc.getObject('XWiki.StyleSheetExtension'))

## Get the XWiki BaseObject from the normal object
#set ($baseObj = $obj.getXWikiObject())

## Get the Map of the object properties
#set ($objMap = $baseObj.getCustomMappingMap())

## Now that we have the Map, we can simply convert it to JSON using $jsontool
#set ($objJSON = $jsontool.serialize($objMap))

## Output the JSON


Make sure to have an object of type XWiki.StyleSheetExtension attached to the page

Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

Copy the code snippet to a page and save it.

Created by Fawad Ali on 2019/05/29 19:50

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