• greyfairer
    greyfairer, 2007/03/16 16:37

    The Document Tree Plugin expects the parent property to only contain the document name, not the full name. However, XWiki will use the full name when creating a new page, and can handle both the full name and local name for parent property.

    I'll try to fix it this weekend: let the plugin always return full names, and use parentDoc.fullName to compare in the snippet.

    Better: let the plugin return some sort of a Composite Collection.

  • greyfairer
    greyfairer, 2007/03/18 14:18

    See attachment: doctree 1.5, and include sample

  • FriedemannLoew
    FriedemannLoew, 2007/03/20 11:32

    Thank you very much for your changes, greyfairer. That's how I should have done it from the beginning.

    I just readded the sorting of the document list before building the tree, so the nodes sorted in the tree. But now there's also the possibility to get an tree with unsorted nodes.

    I'll put the new version to the Document Tree Plugin when testing is finished

  • greyfairer
    greyfairer, 2007/03/20 13:28

    Yes, I removed the sorting first, but forgot to put it back in somewhere.

    Also, I didn't really test the getSpaceDocumentTree. It should return a tree with top document "" and all documents with empty parent on depth 1, but I don't know if it's really usefull that way or how you intended it to be?

  • Helmut Nagy
    Helmut Nagy, 2008/10/24 11:18

    Hi, the attached jar is not working.

    java.util.zip.ZipException: invalid entry size (expected 1538260992 but got 25 bytes)

  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2008/10/24 19:14

    hel, there was a missing download link in the Document Tree plugin page. Could you try with that version? (I hope it's the correct one since the jar that was attached to this page was corrupted as you mentioned).

  • Gabriela Radu
    Gabriela Radu, 2009/10/08 09:39

    where is the attached jar? it's not here.

  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2009/10/08 11:02

    Gabriela, there's no jar. It's simply a code snippet that you can copy/paste in a wiki page

  • Moritz Hesse
    Moritz Hesse, 2012/08/01 11:02

    There is a problem when a child document has restricted access rights. It doesn't display the according title of the page but displays the code line $xwiki.getDocument($leaf.fullName).getDisplayTitle(). I suppose this is due to the fact that the plugin has no access on the title attribute.

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