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Last modified by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2021/03/18 11:28

  • Nicolas Lemoine
    Nicolas Lemoine, 2012/06/15 10:33

    There is an issue with the sort if the table is written in wiki syntax.
    When you try to sort, <tr class="sortHeader">...</tr> is going down to the bottom of the table.
    Filter (still wiki syntax) is not perfect either, it displays some results it should not.

    • Gandhi Feng
      Gandhi Feng, 2013/11/09 11:25

      You can try like this

        (% class="grid sortable filterable doOddEven" id="clientList" %)
        (% class="sortHeader"%)|=Header 1|=Header 2|=Header 3
        |Content of row 1, column 1|Content of row 1, column 2|Content of row 1, column 3
        |Content of row 2, column 1|Content of row 2, column 2|Content of row 2, column 3
      • Patrick Masson
        Patrick Masson, 2014/07/01 15:47

         Gandhi Feng - nice fix,. Someone should add your edit, or notation referencing it, to the main body in case others (like me) do not read the comments. I was seeing the header drop down into the table, sorted as if just another row, until I added ' ' to the first (header) row.

  • Ludovic Dubost
    Ludovic Dubost, 2015/04/01 14:21

    I've modified the snipped to add ",true" in the jsfx call for the javascript file, since it includes some velocity code that needs to go through the skin action to work properly. Otherwise the "up/down" icons don't show up well. I'm not sure this happened in previous versions of XWiki but tested on 6.4 it happens.

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