cogPrevents the same scheduler job from running twice at the same time
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Guillaume Delhumeau

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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1


It can happen that a job is triggered before the last execution of that job is over. Some issues may appear, because the 2 instances of the job share the same xwiki context. It can break the Database session and then the xwiki has to be restarted.


To avoid that, you can use the following code in your scheduler job:

if(xcontext.get("JOB_LOCK") != "locked"){
   // Lock
   xcontext.put("JOB_LOCK", "locked");
   // Script    
   // Your script here
   // ...
 }catch(Exception e){
    System.out.println("JOB {description of your job here} EXCEPTION:");
    xcontext.put("JOB_LOCK", "free");
  System.out.println("JOB {description of your job here} IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE THE LAST JOB IS STILL RUNNING ("+new Date()+").");


A lock is stored in the context. Since 2 instances of the same job have the same context, we can avoid the script to be run if the lock is not free.

Tags: scheduler

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