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cogAllows to perfrom bulk search and replace of contents in wiki pages
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Clément Aubin

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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1

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This script allows to perform bulk search and replace of content in wiki pages.

This snippet requires the Job Macro to run.

In a new page, copy-paste the following snippet :

#set ($spacePickerParams = {
  'name': 'targetSpace',
  'value': "$!{request.targetSpace}"
This script allows to perform bulk search and replace of XWiki document contents.

Programming rights are required to use this script.

{{html clean="false"}}
<form class="xform" action="#" method="post">
     <label for="targetSpace">Space</label>
     <span class="xHint">The script will look for documents containing the given search text within the following space.</span>
     <label for="search">Text to be searched</label>
     <span class="xHint">The script will look for the following text in documents. The text in document contents has to match exactly with the search.</span>
     <textarea name="search" id="search"></textarea>
     <label for="search">Text to replace</label>
     <textarea name="replace" id="replace"></textarea>
     <input id="savePages" name="savePages" type="checkbox" value="save"/> <label for="savePages">Save pages</label>
     <span class="xHint">By default, this script will execute in dry-mode, and will not save pages.</span>
   <span class="buttonwrapper">
     <input type="hidden" name="form_token" value="$!{services.csrf.token}"/>
     <input type="hidden" name="confirm" value="true"/>
     <input class="button" type="submit" value="Replace contents"/>

{{job id="bulkReplace" start="{{velocity}}$!{request.confirm}{{/velocity}}"}}
  import org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils;

  logger = services.logging.getLogger('FixBrokenImages');
  services.logging.setLevel('FixBrokenImages', org.xwiki.logging.LogLevel.INFO);

  if (hasProgramming && services.csrf.isTokenValid(request.form_token)) {
    // Check if we have enough to work on
    if (request.targetSpace && StringUtils.isNotBlank(request.targetSpace)
    && request.search && StringUtils.isNotBlank(request.search)
    && request.replace && StringUtils.isNotBlank(request.replace)) {
      def spacePrefix = "${StringUtils.removeEnd(request.targetSpace, 'WebHome')}%";

      def sanitizedSearchString = request.search.replace('\r\n','\n');
      def sanitizedReplaceString = request.replace.replace('\r\n','\n');
      def documents = services.query.hql('select doc.fullName from XWikiDocument doc where doc.fullName like :spacePrefix and doc.content like :searchContent').bindValue('spacePrefix', spacePrefix.toString()).bindValue('searchContent').anyChars().literal(sanitizedSearchString).anyChars().query().execute();
      logger.debug('Found [{}] documents to verify', documents.size());
      documents.each { documentFullName ->
        try {
          def document = xwiki.getDocument(documentFullName);
          logger.info('Verifying document [{}]', document.getDocumentReference());
          def oldContent = document.getContent();
          def newContent = StringUtils.replace(oldContent, sanitizedSearchString, sanitizedReplaceString);
          hasContentChanged = !(oldContent.equals(newContent));

          if (hasContentChanged && 'save'.equals(request.savePages)) {
            logger.info('Content has changed ; saving document [{}]', document.getDocumentReference());
          } else if (hasContentChanged) {
            logger.info('Content for document [{}] has changed but will not be saved', document.getDocumentReference());
        } catch (Exception e) {
          logger.error('Uncaught exception [{}]', e);
    } else {
      logger.error('Insufficient parameters. Aborting.');
  } else {
    logger.error('Insufficient permissions or invalid CSRF token. Aborting.')

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