Create a component using Groovy

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cogCreates a component which retrieves all the documents with a certain author
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Please refer instead to the Groovy Script Service Tutorial. This snippet is deprecated since the introduction of wiki components. Also, bear in mind this snippet has a major downside: it requires the page containing it to be viewed at least once for the component to be correctly registered, hence the need of a scheduler, which is overkill.

XWiki components can be written in Java, but also using Groovy.

import org.xwiki.component.descriptor.*;
import org.xwiki.script.service.*;
import org.xwiki.context.*;
import com.xpn.xwiki.web.*;

class TestComponent implements ScriptService {
  org.xwiki.context.Execution e;
  List<String> getDocsByAuthor(String authorFullName) {
    def context = e.getContext().getProperty("xwikicontext");
    def hql = " where";
    def results = context.getWiki().getStore().searchDocuments(hql,0, 0, [authorFullName], context);
    print results;
   if (results.size() > 0) {
     return results;
   return [];
DefaultComponentDescriptor descriptor = new DefaultComponentDescriptor(implementation: TestComponent.class, role: ScriptService.class, roleHint: 'testComponent');
DefaultComponentDependency dep = new DefaultComponentDependency(name: 'e', role: Execution.class, roleHint: 'default');
def cm = services.component.getComponentManager(null)
cm.unregisterComponent(ScriptService.class, 'testComponent');

The component must be registered once by executing the code above: either manually view the page containing the code or put the code in a scheduled job with very frequent trigger to auto-register after the server restarts

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